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About Me

I am currently calling Boulder, CO home. I have a rescue dog named Sirius Black and him and I solemnly swear we're up to no good.

My summers growing up were always at camp, learning all kinds of interesting stuff about backpacking, camping, and equipment. The more time I spent outdoors, the more I appreciated it. The most beautiful landscapes in the world are there for us to explore, as long as we leave no trace. 

My mission is to  inspire others to get outside and explore. The best views in this world aren't from your hotel balcony, they're from your tent. 

Technology has made the outdoors more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. Jackets are warmer, tents are lighter, and stoves cook faster.

 I love to test and review gear, as well as make eLearning materials for companies that encourage us to get outdoors and respect the environment.

I've lived in Canada, Australia, and now the United States. As long as I can be around mountains, I'm home. Join Sirius and me on our travels as the #siriuscamper.


Favorite hike

Lake Merlin, Banff National Park, AB, Canada

favorite campsite

Iceberg Lakes, Nederland, CO, USA

favorite Coordinates

48°49'02.3"N 113°25'12.8"W

FAVORITE adventures

Banff, Glacier, and Yellowstone National Parks | Mountain biking in Interlaken, Switzerland | Bungee jumping in Queenstown, NZ | Waterfall rapelling in Blue Mountains, Australia | Riding a water buffalo in Vietnam | That time I backpacked South East Asia and Western Europe in six months. 

Early morning hike up Aspen Snowmass


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