Gear Review: Primus ONJA Camp Stove

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get products from time to time - today I am testing the Primus ONJA camping stove. As far as portable camp stoves go, this is a fantastic purchase if you're looking to cook at camp and stay within a respectable budget. The price tag may seem a bit high for camp stoves, but not based on the quality. The value is here. In my experience you get what you pay for when it comes to camping gear, and this is such a versatile, well made and compact design it has allowed me to expand my cooking options on so many activities. Before I was limited to carrying the backpacker, single-serving, water-boiling stoves for day hikes and road trips to keep my stove from becoming a huge space waster in the car. That meant freeze dried, basic meals. Now I have an actual stove that is relatively lightweight and very portable. Pro Tip: Take this thing with you when you wake up early to get parking spots at your favorite ski hill and with your parking now secured, bust this out and make some breakfast while you wait for the lifts to open. Watch how many new friends you make thanks to warm breakfast burritos.

The burners themselves are very easy to control with the adjustment knobs, and the temperatures are easy to control. The gas canister connections to the burners are well threaded to securely handle your gas bottle - something pretty important if your putting this over your shoulder as you walk. May want to keep them disconnected during transport in a car though, just for the peace of mind. The pot supporter is durable and I was able to put two medium-sized pots on without any worry. I made a pretty basic spaghetti one night, and to have the assurance to let the water boil and the sauce simmer while I used the included wooden cutting board to prepare the sauce. You usually need a cutting board when camping anyway, so to have this included and not add to my footprint of supplies was convenient. It also protects the burners and port supporter when not in use, which I thought was pretty clever.

I would have liked to have seen a self-ignition or Piezo iginiter-type offering with this product. Having to carry a BBQ lighter just to light the thing isn't inconvenient for car camping, but it's a nuisance for a day hike when you're trying to carry as little as possible to save weight. I also wish the cutting board was a better piece of wood. I've used the stove on three tips and I've had to oil the board twice. Not a huge time or expense, just something to remember to do to extend the life of the board. Wish I didn't have to do it as often though.

Overall, solid piece of gear. Great solution for those looking for home stove top-quality stoves to take outdoors without the price tag, weight or footprint issues of conventional camping stoves.