Body Glove 3T Hero Water Shoes

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I get product to test from time to time, and over the last few weeks I have been testing out the Body Glove 3T Hero Water Shoe and PFD.

These water shoes have been an excellent addition to my water activities. I have been paddle boarding with them, canoeing, wading in branchy, heavy sand waters while I do work on a dock, and hiking on forest paths during portages. No matter the conditions, my feet are wet but comfortable, and feeling secure both with the fit and it’s grippy bottom. It has a comfortable inner material, vents on the side of the shoe to let loads of water out and keep your feet breathing, and a slip-in fit with some elastic.

body glove .jpg
Confirmed: Body Glove watershoes have great grip for paddle boarding. Yoga optional.

Confirmed: Body Glove watershoes have great grip for paddle boarding. Yoga optional.

The name 3T designates the shoe has a 3-Toe system. This does take some getting used to, and can take a little longer to get into them over a typical slip in shoe. It took me about three times wearing them to feel more used to the fit and comfort.

The grip on the bottom is great. Very durable and has a lot of flexion. This makes this shoe more like a well designed water sneaker. So, leave the other pair of shoes for the terrain between the car and the water at home! I have been treading over gravel, concrete, forest, and rocky hillsides and I don’t see much treadwear.

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The PFD is hard to say much about other than it works as designed. I got the M-L and it was a little snug for me, so I would order a size up from that if you’re over 170 lbs. It is very easy to get in and out of with the easy latch buckles and the thick, well stitched zipper. I have a maniac of a step dad when he pilots the motorboat when we go tubing, so it’s only a matter of time before we are thrown off. This kept me alive during the 25mph launch off the wake into the deep.